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Your Gun Won't Stop a Burglary While You're Away. Here's What You Can Do About It.

Graphic showing $2251 cost of burglary

You stand to lose an average of $2,251 if you are a home burglary victim this summer, which may be more likely than you would expect. Most people take one of two approaches in response: (1) buying a gun or (2) buying a security camera system. To understand why these approaches fail so often, you have to think like the criminal.

Approach #1: Buying a Gun

graphic showing common burglary time from 10-3

Imagine this. You're a burglar. First of all, there's an 85% chance that you're a non-professional, and are more likely desperate than dangerous. You need some quick cash but obviously want to minimize the risk of getting caught, especially if the resident has a gun.

When do you strike?

When the homeowner is away, of course! According to the FBI, the most common time for home burglaries is between 10am and 3pm. The problem with this approach is that while buying a gun will help you defend yourself, it won't defend your house from property loss when you're away.

Approach #2: Buying a Security Camera System

graphic showing how easy cameras are to hack

While cameras may offer a small sense of intimidation, they can be extremely expensive (upwards of $4000 in some cases) and can even be a security risk in and of themselves. Feeds can be easily shut off by nonprofessionals and redirected. In some cases, hackers use light to burglarize you through your security camera itself! Additionally, thousands of homeowners with cameras annually complain about camera malfunctions when they really matter.

Burglar breaking in

Option #3: Use a Smart Lock from Haven

Now imagine this. You click a button on your smartphone on your way to the car as you leave the house. Instantly, the lock secures itself on your door.

You know you can leave safely, because the burglar's tricks won't work anymore. They can't pick your lock or blow down your door with force. And you never have to worry about losing your keys.

After seeing a string of break-ins in their neighboorhood, Special Ops veterans Alex Bertelli and Clay Banks created the HAVEN Smart Lock to protect homes, regardless of the crime around you.

Here's what happened when a former green beret tried to kick down a HAVEN Smart Lock:

HAVEN Lock secures your home. It is 10x stronger than a deadbolt

picture of Haven smart lock

full graphic of haven lock smart features

📲 Activate remotely with the Haven app or fob

📍 Connect globally, schedule access, receive attack detection notifications, and operate with Alexaº

🏰 Locking wedges raises to barricade door

⚓️  Anchors to the floor with steel baseplate

🥾  Lock and unlock with foot pedal

🔐 10x Stronger than a deadbolt

Haven also integrates with Alexa

Unbeatable Home Security

Offers security 10x stronger than a deadbolt Lasts for over 25 years with durable steel and nylon. Protects your home from common burglary tricks

Quick to Install, Simple to Use

  • Install the entire HAVEN unit in under 8 minutes
  • Lock and unlock easily with the app or key fob
  • Use award winning customer support and simple Install Guide

Created by Special Ops Veterans

  • Created by U.S Special Ops veterans
  • Made in America, with love from Tennessee
  • Built with quality for American Homes

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What People Are Saying

"Finally got my back door replaced and installed the Haven without incident. The Haven is in place and I love it. I love that it's made here in America and wish you success in going forward with your enterprise. P.S. The guy who replaced my door was so impressed with your Haven Lock that he was going to get one for himself!"

-The Fairbanks Family, Houston, TX
13 September 2020 (14:42)


picture of door with lock on it

"As a police officer I have seen a lot of break-ins. I have HAVEN installed in my home and know that my family is safe while I am at work. HAVEN is probably the most innovative security product I have seen in my 10+ years in the department. "


-Mike M., Birmingham, AL
22 May 2020 (22:19)


"Intruders can't pick locks or force their way in by targeting the deadlock (in fact you won't even need a set of keys) because Haven acts a powerful smart wedge that reinforces the strongest part of your door. It's so strong, it can take on a battering ram and come away victorious."


-Matt Brian, Engadget
16 May 2018 (10:17)


Sources and Disclaimers:

* All stats take from FBI Crime Database '17-19

**Consumer reports Dec 2019
ºRequires Haven Hub