Pairing Your HAVEN

Setting Up HAVEN Connect

1 Get Prepped

Once your lock is installed, download the Haven Lock App from the App Store or Google Play Store onto your smart device. Walk through the steps to setup your account within the App. Make sure Bluetooth® is activated on your smart device.

2 Launch the App

Launch the Haven Lock App and click on the menu button in the upper left corner of your screen.

3 Click "Set Up Lock"

Select "Set Up Lock?. Once you have read the page displayed, click on the "Get Started" Button at the bottom of your screen.

4 Press Pair Button

Open the cover of HAVEN Connect. This is the side of the lock with the LED light and logo on top. There is a small button underneath the cover. Use a pen or pin to press this button once. Do not hold down the button. Just press it in once quickly. Your lock will now sync with your smart device.

5 Name Lock

Once your lock is finished communicating with your smart device, you will be prompted to name the lock you are setting up. After you named your lock (e.g.Front Door) click on the blue "Complete Setup" button on the bottom of your screen.

6 Troubleshooting

If you have any issues setting up your lock, delete it from your smart device, hold the HAVEN Lock's Pair button for 10 seconds, and restart the setup procedure.

Setting Up HAVEN Key Fob

You can control HAVEN Connect via the smartphone app or the Key Fob. In order to use the Key Fob, you must first set it up!

For those that have purchased Generation 2 Key Fobs AFTER October 1st 2019, please refer to the instructions in the Manual directly below, otherwise follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen

Gen 2 (purchased AFTER 10/1/19) Key Fob Setup Instructions:

Gen 1 (purchased BEFORE 10/1/19) Key Fob Setup Instructions:

1 Touch Fob to Lock

Touch the key fob against the HAVEN Connect Status Indicator LED and press and hold the key fob lock button for 5 seconds until the Key Fob LED Status Indicator illuminates and blinks white.

2 Click on Pair Button

While still holding the key fob lock button, press and release the Haven Admin Button and when it starts blinking white, release the lock button on the key fob.

3 Release Buttons

Both lights will flash together and an alert will sound when pairing is successful.

4 Troubleshooting

If you do not hear the beep and your key fob does not function or flashes red, you will need to hold the HAVEN Admin Button for about 10 seconds to reset (LED will flash green) and then start the process over again. (Note: resetting the HAVEN through manual reset also disconnects any synced phone applications that will need to be re-keyed via the mobile application).