It’s Summertime and the Crime is Easy…

With Memorial Day just behind us as the unofficial start to summer, this time of year also warrants caution as the temperatures rise.  FACT:  burglaries increase with the summer heat.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (June 2014,, “seasonal patterns existed in household larceny and burglary victimization rates. Rates of these household crimes tended to be higher in the summer than during other seasons of the year.”

Doors and windows left open for air circulation, vacation travel posted online, mail/circulars piling up, and uncut grass all point an arrow towards your home as the perfect target for burglars.

Try these theft prevention tips to remove that target from your home:

    • Lock doors and windows
      • 34% of burglars enter through the front door
    • Don’t advertise your vacation plans on social media
      • Post about your trip upon your return
    • Don’t tell your rideshare driver how long you’ll be gone
    • Hold mail/flyers/newspapers or have a neighbor collect them for you
    • Continue outside maintenance by having grass cut regularly and sprinklers on timers
    • Trim back shrubs in front of windows where burglars love to hide
    • Add motion sensor lights outside
    • Vary your routine — most burglaries occur between 10AM-3PM
    • Make your home look like someone is actually home
      • Add timers to lights that can be programmed for different times each day
      • Leave a TV or radio playing
      • Remove spare keys from hiding places (burglars know all of them)

Researching this piece has made me more aware of how comfortable I’ve become with my routine. I’ve walked out of my house on several occasions and driven a few blocks before I wondered “did I lock the door?” Yup, I had to turn around to double check…

Since adding HAVEN Connect ( to my routine, I feel my home is more secure and I definitely sleep easier at night.  You will too!  Feel free to use discount code BLOG15 at checkout to take 15% off your entire order of residential products.

Stay safe this summer and throughout the entire year!



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