Holiday Safety Tips from HAVEN

Here at HAVEN, we’re all about making your home safer and more secure, and we know that the holiday season often sees a spike in home burglaries and thefts. That’s why we’ve put together some common sense home security reminders to help keep your home safe during the holidays. 

Holiday Safety Tip #1 - Beware the Porch Pirates

We’re in the golden age of internet shopping, and fast and free shipping makes it even easier to load up the online cart and click “Buy Now.” But as those signature brown boxes pile up on porches around town, nefarious porch pirates are always on the lookout for easy targets. If you’re having packages delivered, pay attention to delivery dates and make sure you’re around to bring them inside quickly. Use tracking options to zero in on the exact delivery windows for your packages, and if you can’t be home to move them inside, ask a friend or neighbor to move them for you. Some shipping services allow you to delay delivery or request specific delivery locations, so it’s worth creating an account and/or joining their loyalty programs to access these benefits. 

Bottom line—don’t let packages pile up on your porch unattended. It’s just an invitation to the bad guys! 

Holiday Safety Tip #2 - Hold the Newspaper and Mail Deliveries When Traveling

If you’re going to be travelling this holiday season, place a hold on your mail and newspaper delivery or arrange for a neighbor to grab them for you. Nothing screams “nobody home!” like an overflowing mailbox and a driveway full of unread papers! 

Holiday Safety Tip #3 - Don’t Post ‘Til You’re Home

Another tip related to holiday travel—refrain from posting on social media about your trip until you return. We know it’s tempting to post those gorgeous holiday shots right in the moment, but advertising that your home is empty is asking for trouble. 

Holiday Tip #4 - Let Law Enforcement Help

Many local police departments and sheriff’s offices will check on your home while you’re away if you alert them ahead of time. This free service gives you peace of mind and helps them cut down on burglary incidences in their area.  

Holiday Safety Tip #5  - Watch Your Trash

If your family had a big Christmas full of electronics and other high-ticket items, don’t leave the boxes by the street. You don’t want to let the Grinch know what kind of new goodies you’ve got inside! 

Holiday Safety Tip #6 - Use Smart Lights

If you’re going to be away from home for a few days, consider investing in smart lights that allow you to schedule on/off times and control them remotely. Varying the lighting in your home fools burglars into thinking someone is home. 

Holiday Safety Tip #7 - Invest in the Best Smart Lock

The locks on your doors are truly the best line of defense against home burglaries and invasions at any time of year. HAVEN’s intelligent design and military grade materials make their smart locks 10 times stronger than a deadbolt. HAVEN Connect’s key fob accessory puts safety right at your fingertips, while the HAVEN Hub allows remote access and control from anywhere with the HAVEN app or website.  HAVEN helps you protect the things you love all year round.

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