Brown is the New Black

Announcing the Addition of Haven Russet Brown 

Here at Haven, our mission is to offer military-grade security devices that blend seamlessly into your home. Function reigns supreme when it comes to designing HavenLock, but we know that when it's going in your living space, form matters too. That’s why we're proud to introduce a new hue to complement our original Black HavenLock model. With its medium brown tones, Russet Brown is the perfect option for those with hardwood and dark tile floors.

Russet Brown Offers Style & Versatility

Our designers chose a versatile brown shade that blends well with oak, cherry, walnut, and other hardwood floors. Russet Brown also works well with darker shades of tile, terra cotta, and brick floors. If you’ve got wood-look floors made from Luxury Vinyl Plank or laminate, Russet Brown will be a great choice for you as well. 

Choose HavenLock For Residential Security & Peace of Mind

Whether you go with standard Black or new Russet Brown, you can rest easy knowing that HavenLock is the smarter, stronger lock to protect your family and your home. 

Invented by a Special Operations Forces helicopter pilot with direct action experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, HavenLock brings military grade materials, engineering, and ingenuity to the residential setting. HAVEN Mech's military-grade locking wedge is designed to flex, allowing it to absorb the force of an attempted break-in at the base of the door. HAVEN Connect adds one-touch app or key fob activation for added security and convenience. Both products are now available in Russet Brown.

Choose HAVEN Lockdown For Institutional Security & Control

Looking for added security in your school, business, or church? HAVEN Lockdown is HavenLock’s sister product--designed to prevent access to areas that are vulnerable during active shooter situations such as classrooms, office buildings, and places of worship. HAVEN Lockdown activates instantly via keyfob, smartphone, or manually to stop an active shooter in their tracks. 

Choose HAVEN 

In a world that’s increasingly rife with threats, it’s easy to feel powerless. Haven puts you in control, restoring your power to keep your family, students, employees, and customers safe. Your home is a haven, your school is a refuge, your house of worship is a sanctuary. Keep them safe with Haven.

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