What Techniques do Burglars Use When Engaging in Burglary?

Home security is a matter of personal responsibility. The more you know about how burglaries are committed, the better you are at securing your home and family. In order to best secure your home, it’s good to know how burglars actually work. UNC Charlotte published a study on how burglars commonly committed their crimes. They interviewed a group of prisoners serving time for burglary to get real answers on how criminals break into homes. One of the key focuses of the UNC study was on the preferred method of breaking and entering. How do burglars gain entry into a home?

Most burglars reported entering a home via an unlocked window or door. Make sure to lock both your doors and windows when you are at home or away. Mayberry doesn’t exist anymore. Some burglars will force open windows or doors, especially if no one is around. Only 12% of burglars reported picking locks or using keys they had previously acquired to gain entry. The most common tool used to gain entry to a house was a screwdriver, followed by a crowbar, and then finally a hammer.

What Techniques do Burglars Use When Engaging in Burglary?

The bottom line is that a little prevention goes a long way. Most burglaries are opportunistic. Over 60% of home invasions are about finding drugs or getting money for drugs. A burglary will move on to different target if your home is a hassle. Lock your doors, install motion sensor lights, and install a world class lock where criminals most often gain entry: the front door. If a burglar can’t open or kick in a door within 10 seconds, they are gone, and your house safe. If they tried to kick in a door with Haven Mech, it would take them over 50 kicks to even make a dent. Prevention is the key to a safe home.

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