HAVEN Partners with UniKey to Release HAVEN Connect Smart Lock

In honor if ASIS this week, we are excited to announce our partnership with UniKey to bring you HAVEN Connect. HAVEN brings you the enhanced security of the wedge barrier to prevent break-ins and UniKey provides the access control system in the app to make the strongest and smartest preventative home lock on the market. For more details about the partnership, check out our full press release below.

Haven + UniKey Partnership

September 12th, 2016

HAVEN Partners with UniKey to Release HAVEN Connect Smart Lock

HAVEN and UniKey Technologies are partnering to release the new smart lock HAVEN Connect. HAVEN Connect is the first truly preventative smart lock that is 10x stronger than a traditional deadbolt lock.

Orlando, FL - HAVEN Lock Inc. (HAVEN) announces a partnership with smart lock pioneers UniKey Technologies Inc. (UniKey) during the 62nd Annual ASIS Seminar. HAVEN and UniKey are working together to produce and release HAVEN Connect, the first truly preventative smart lock. HAVEN Connect combines the innovative wedge locking device from HAVEN with the advanced access control system of UniKey to create one of the most innovative products in the home security market.

HAVEN, based in Nashville, developed a new category of door lock after two years of intense research, engineering, and testing. In addition to UniKey, HAVEN partnered with world-class mechanical and electrical engineers with extensive experience designing and manufacturing products in the automotive and consumer goods market. Those partnerships resulted in the creation of a new door locking mechanism that is over ten times stronger than a traditional deadbolt. HAVEN Lock is secured to the floor at the bottom of a door. The lock uses a wedge gate to secure the door while the slim mounting system utilizes the floor and foundation of the home to provide extra strength. HAVEN Lock will prevent break-ins instead of simply alerting homeowners after the fact.

“We developed a new and innovative locking mechanism that we think will change the industry. We realized that UniKey had already built a world-class user access system, so we felt like it would be the perfect match,” said HAVEN CMO, Daniel Wipert. “HAVEN is the lock, and UniKey is the key. The partnership is a natural fit.”

UniKey first came to the public’s attention in May 2012, when Phil Dumas appeared on ABC’s reality series Shark Tank. UniKey is an alternative access control company revolutionizing the way you gain access via keyless entry. UniKey has partnered with Kwikset to produce the most popular smart lock on the market, Kevo. UniKey is a leader of innovation in the smart home industry. They have created a robust platform to power any user access hardware with smart technologies, military grade security, and unique features that push the boundaries of the industry.

Phil Dumas, CEO of UniKey Technologies, said “We are excited to announce that the HAVEN Connect will be powered by UniKey’s CORE™ platform. HAVEN's flagship product represents a massive leap in physical door security, and will be complemented by UniKey’s proven digital Security Essentials™. HAVEN and UniKey’s partnership is truly synergistic, and we look forward to bringing disruptive technologies to the residential and commercial access control markets together.”

HAVEN is now accepting preorders for HAVEN Connect at HAVEN Connect will be shipping in Q1 2017

About HAVEN™​

HAVEN Lock is a veteran owned security company based in Nashville, Tennessee. HAVEN designs and manufactures preventative security products. Haven’s core product is the HAVEN Lock, a new type of door lock that is installed in the floor. HAVEN Lock uses a simple wedge device to secure a door and prevent home invasions. HAVEN Lock is 10x stronger than a traditional deadbolt on a common everyday door. Haven has partnered with smart lock pioneer UniKey to deliver the smart lock version of HAVEN Lock called HAVEN Connect. HAVEN Connect will launch in Q1 2017.

About UniKey ™

UniKey is a smart lock pioneer and industry leader in smart access control technology. UniKey provides a secure mobile platform to leading lock and access control companies. UniKey's technology replaces keys, codes, and passwords by turning the smartphone into a convenient, universal electronic key by simply touching the lock without the need to remove one's phone from their pocket or purse. UniKey partners with leading lock manufacturers like Kwikset Corporation and Miwa to bring smart locks to residential homes, commercial businesses, and enterprise around the world. The Kwikset Kevo smart lock powered by UniKey is the first and best selling smart lock in North America.

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