5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe This Holiday Season

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Between shopping, parties, and travel you are probably out of the house more than usual during the holiday season and nothing will ruin your holiday cheer faster than a home burglary. It’s important to make sure your home is safe and secure, so here are a few tips to do just that.

  1. Keep your travel plans offline – If you are planning on traveling this holiday season, make sure to keep your plans off social media networks. Never post where you’re going, or your departure and return dates. This is prime information for thieves to know your house is empty.
  2. Notify a neighbor – If you will be out of town, let a trusted neighbor know. Ask the neighbor to keep an eye on your house and report any suspicious activity. You’ll also want them to pick up your newspaper or check your mail so it looks like someone is home. Mail piling up is a dead giveaway that no one is home.
  3. Make it look like someone is home – keep your blinds and curtains closed when you’re not home and set your lights on a timer or a solar switch. This can help ward off any would-be intruders.
  4. Hide your valuables – Valuables out in the open are an invitation for burglars. Try to keep laptops, tablets and other small electronics away from windows or other places with a view.
  5. Watch your Christmas lights – According to the U.S. Fire Administration, December is the deadliest month for electrical fires. Before you string lights on the house or the tree, be sure to inspect the strands to make sure there aren’t any frayed cords or cracked lamps. Replace any broken lamps and throw away strands with frayed cords. This will help prevent any accidental fires. Also, be sure to turn any holiday lights off when you go out for the evening or when you go to bed. Try using an outdoor timer to switch lights on and off.

The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year, as long as you stay safe during them. Be sure to take the precautions you need in order to fully enjoy the season.

Wishing everyone safe and happy holidays!


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