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Hello HAVEN supporters,

It’s time again for our weekly update. I hope you all enjoy hearing from me as much as I enjoy hearing from you. We like receiving all your questions and feedback about HAVEN. It helps us know what you are looking forward to, your concerns, and also things you hope for in future HAVEN products. With that said, there are some questions we get regularly and so we thought we would address them for all who are curious.

As you probably know, there are a number of ways your HAVEN lock will connect to outside devices. These devices include you smart phone, your key fob, and the Wi-Fi bridge. These connections will each boost the functionality of your HAVEN and help you get the most out of your lock.

The first way your HAVEN lock connects is via your smart phone. Through the mobile app you will be able to easily lock and unlock your device, share virtual keys to allow guests access to your home, and see a log of who has accessed your lock and when.

If you don’t have your smart phone handy, you will also be able to lock and unlock your HAVEN via key fob. This will work just like the key fob you use with your car. The key fob is a great way to access your lock quickly and easily. If your phone is dead or you don’t feel like digging through your bag to get in your house, simply press a button on your fob and you’re in.

Last but definitely not least, your HAVEN will be able to connect via Wifi bridge. The bridge will allow you to control your HAVEN from anywhere in the world, see updated logs of who has locked and unlocked your door and also connect to other smart home systems. Imagine someone kicking at your door, triggering the accelerometer, which then triggers your alarm system BEFORE an intruder ever enters your house. This is the future of HAVEN.

I hope this post has been informational and answers any lingering questions you may have had about how your HAVEN will connect to outside devices. As always, I hope you all finish your week off great. Stay tuned for our next update.


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