HAVEN May Newsletter

Hello HAVEN supporters,

It’s time again for our check in. We want to keep you in the loop as much as we can. We’ve been working so hard to perfect Haven before we launch that the time has really flown since we last updated to you. With that being said, we’ve added a few new features that we’re excited to share with you. I hope you’ll be excited about them as well.

First, HAVEN Beacon. This is an additional feature for attack or break-in detection. HAVEN Beacon, in conjunction with the accelerometer, detects a break-in as it’s happening, and notifies you and the police of the attempt. We’re in the process of testing different force levels so the Beacon is only activated when someone is attempting to break down your door, and not just accidentally bumping your lock gate. This will ensure there are no false alarms.

Second, if you haven’t already seen, we’ve added a mechanical way to lock and unlock your HAVEN. Let’s say you’ve had guests at your house. They are on their way out and after you say your goodbyes, you go to lock the door behind them. Instead of having to locate your keys or phone so you can lock your HAVEN digitally, you simply step on the pedal and your lock engages. Similarly, you are able to step directly on the top of the gate when it is engaged to unlock your HAVEN. The obvious concern with this feature is for those of you who have children or large dogs. You want to avoid the possibility of someone accidentally locking or unlocking your HAVEN and we are testing different force levels for this feature as well to ensure you can only use it intentionally.


Engineering Update

We have completed electric endurance tests for the lock/unlock function, and we are very pleased with the results. The lock was engaged 37,000 times with minimal wear on internal hardware. The wear was determined as normal and not a concern to our engineering team. We are now moving on to the mechanical endurance testing.

Finally, we are completing our full strength, fully functional prototypes. They are currently being CNC’d and assembled at our engineering firm in Knoxville.


We are still on track to begin our beta testing program this summer and will begin shipping Haven after that program is complete. We will continue to keep you informed of updates. Keep checking our website and social channels to stay in the loop. I hope you all have a wonderful month!



  • Fuck yes!

  • I am eager to test your product. I have numerous family members as well as myself who need such protection.

    Rod Dosch

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